Basescu says Gov’t list and governing programme must be ready by Saturday

President Traian Basescu told, on Wednesday evening, the democrat liberal leaders, during consultations at Cotroceni Palace, that the future Executive’s list and the governing programme must be ready by Dec. 19, so that the ministers’ hearings could start on Dec. 21 in the Parliament.

“We almost drew a conclusion following the talks with the political parties. We also examine the options proposed by the other parties, as well as the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) variant. I will do whatever it takes to have a secure government, committed to the pledges assumed with the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. I will adopt a solution set to guarantee the commitments made during the campaign, with PD-L behind me”, said Traian Basescu.

He stated he cannot designate a Premier who failed to assume candidate Traian Basescu’s commitments in the electoral campaign for a second mandate as the head of state. “It deems essential to me that (…) we must have the Government’s list and the programme by Saturday, the latest. (…) The Cabinet must be reduced, it can no longer be formed of 19 ministers”, President Basescu warned.

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