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Basescu: There were negotiations between parties to rescind application of referendum

President Traian Basescu stated on Wednesday, at the beginning of consultations with representatives of the independent lawmakers group, that there were negotiations between the parties in which one of the conditions was to rescind the application of the referendum on the passing to the one-chamber Parliament.

“The majority should not be an undecided one as regards to also implement the referendum result. The referendum result is the most democratic decision of the Romanian people and we cannot ignore it.
I know there were negotiations between the parties, in which one of the conditions was to rescind the application of the referendum. That is impossible. It is excluded. No one can go before the voters in 2012 to say: “You know, you voted, but in vain”. “That is not feasible”, stressed President Basescu.

Traian Basescu reiterated that his goal is to see a Government forged prior to Christmas, based on a parliamentary majority support, and underlined that the measures to be adopted by the next Executive will be “extremely tough”.
“They are not the International Monetary Fund requirements, but first of all Romania‘s real needs. We must cut spending with the public sector, red tape, we must implement the referendum, and all these suppose a majority”, said the President, voicing hope that the independent lawmakers will back up reform.

Basescu also reiterated that the Executive cannot but diminish the impact of an unfavorable economic situation because there is a global context, a “concerted crisis”. He also said that Romania cannot get out alone from this situation of crisis, but that the Executive can diminish the impact of this phenomenon.
The President also stressed that in Romania the unemployment is of 7.5 percent and in the European Union it is 9.6 percent. “Continuation of the political crisis does not help at all leaving behind the economic crisis. That is why the most important goal currently is to put an end to this political crisis”, said Traian Basescu.

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