Boc: We have very many things in common with PNL and few that divide us

The discussion with the Liberals was efficient and clarifying, with a lot of things that the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) have in common and few things that divide them, Democratic Liberal leader Emil Boc said after the talks with the Liberals on Wednesday.

‘We have come to this meeting to establish a political, ideological, right-wing majority able to back a future government, not to achieve a mathematical majority. We started from the assumption that doctrines should be clarified in Romania at this moment and that a right-wing government is desirable, to be based on the PD-L, PNL and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR).

From this viewpoint, the measures that should be taken by a future government would be much more easier to support by a government with the same ideological direction’, Boc stressed.

The caretaker prime minister said the two parties discussed both the things that unite them and their common viewpoints. He insisted the PD-L does not give up the prime minister’s position, ‘which is not the result of an ambition of the PD-L, but it is the result of the Romanians’ vote, who gave the party the highest number of seats in the 2008 parliamentary elections and who elected in 2009 the presidential candidate that the Democratic Liberals backed.’

The Democratic Liberal and the Liberal leaders found they have very many common viewpoints, Boc said. ‘We have the same vision of the flat tax, the state reform, the state restructuring and its re¬placing on normal bases. Therefore, we have goals that unite us and that could lie at the foundation of a strengthened government in the period ahead’, Boc stressed.


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