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Deloitte: Companies can more easily access bank loans

Companies present on the local market can more easily access bank loans than three months ago, under conditions in which the economic and financial outlook is better in the following quarters, according to Deloitte Central Europe Business Sentiment Index.

Managers polled by Deloitte appreciate in a proportion of 75 percent they more easily meet the loan conditions set by the banks after, in September, just 54 percent of the executives said that it was easier to take a loan. The sample is formed of companies in Top 500 according to turnover and representative for their business activity, stressed Deloitte representatives.

“In the past year, the banks underlined several times that the lending is frozen mainly due to a low demand, in the context in which less and less companies qualify for getting a loan. But Deloitte study result demonstrate that the companies can more easily fulfill the eligibility conditions now, at the same time with an improved financial and economic outlook”, said George Mucibabici, President of Deloitte Romania, quoted by Ziarul financiar.

The average interest rate of new loans in lei granted to companies climbed down in Sept. to 14.89 percent per year from 19.51 percent per year at last year-end, according to BNR data. As well, euro loans interest rate for companies dropped by some two percentage points, to 5.85 percent per year in the first nine months.

At the same time, half of the polled executives see an improved economic situation in the next six months, and 58.4 percent of them expect a rise in sales next year. Deloitte study also reveals a stabilization trend on the labor market because less companies announced redundancies for the next year.
If in Sept. more than 42 percent of the companies planned to cut the number of staff, now their weight would drop to 37.5 percent. “Despite positive signals, the companies maintain a prudent attitude when the spending is in question”, said Mucibabici.

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