Emil Boc gives assurances to IMF that future Gov’t will observe assumed pledges

Caretaker Premier Emil Boc thanked on Wednesday representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and of the European Commission (EC) for their collaboration this year, stressing that the current Cabinet have observed the assumed commitments, and also giving assurances that the future Government will take the established measures, in its turn.

“I thank you for your support and good and very good collaboration this year, I thank you for the effort you made to be close to Romania’s Government and to take those decisions needed for the country, so that together we can surmount this difficult period at national and international levels”, Emil Boc told the delegation’s members.

He stated that the Government members succeeded, “despite all political and economic hardships”, to observe till this year-end the commitments assumed towards citizens, as well as towards the EC, IMF and the World Bank (WB).
“Every time I appreciated your openness to discuss, depending on the international economic context, on Romania’s specificity, the needed measures and I want to assure you that the measures we took and which will be further taken by the next Government are necessary, first of all for this country, and healthy for the public system, for the state’s good functioning”, added Emil Boc.

IMF, EC and WB delegation discuss with the Government the budget bill for 2010 and the third loan tranche, going to be granted to Romania. Head of IMF delegation Jeffrey Franks stated on Wednesday, at the end of the talks with Romania’s National Bank (BNR) officials, that February 2010 is the most realistic deadline for Romania to receive the third IMF loan tranche. On Wednesday as well, IMF, EC and WB delegation had talks with the head of state, Traian Basescu, at Cotroceni Palace.

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