Geoana: PD-L premier designate means PSD+PC vote against

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Mircea Geoana said at the Cotroceni Palace, on Wednesday, that he backs up the forming of the government as soon as possible, but he ruled out the support for a premier from the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L).

‘A prime minister designate from PD-L means a vote against from the Alliance of the Social Democratic Party and Conservative Party (PSD+PC),’ he said.
Geoana stressed that PSD rules out supporting a PD-L prime minister. He added that the country’s problems are ‘extremely big’ at the moment, and it needs a powerful government to adopt strong measures, even unpopular ones, to fight against the crisis.

‘In our opinion, at the moment, Mr. Basescu and those who would likely go for a formula of an extremely precarious majority, mainly made of defectors from other parties, represents the worst formula for Romania,’ the PSD official said. He also specified that the Social Democrats endorse the idea of adopting a decision on a new government, as soon as possible, even before Christmas.

‘From my viewpoint as the Senate’s President. I can see no obstacle to have a government rapidly,’ said Geoana adding that it is desirable a budget to be passed quickly.
Geoana also reiterated that the PSD+PC Alliance thinks that a government of vast majority and of national consent, where the head of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu should hold the post of prime minister would represent a formula of reconciliation where both his and Basescu’s voters can find themselves.

He also added that if Traian Basescu does not want a ruling formula where Crin Antonescu should be the prime minister, then the whole responsibility for a precarious government will belong to the head of the state and those who support him.

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