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Iliescu slams ‘political right-wing’ stands

Social Democrat honorary president Ion Iliescu slammed on Wednesday some politicians’ stands that the right-wing solutions could resolve the current economic and social crisis in Romania.

‘It is not the political right-wing. Some have no idea whatsoever of politics and of ideology. They have jumped from one extreme to another without understanding the significance of the leftist and rightist political options’, the former Romanian president said at the opening of an exhibition on ‘Romania. December 1989′ at the National Museum of Romania‘s History.

Iliescu argued that ‘we need a policy that should be socially balanced, that should secure the economic development amid social effects beneficial to all the country’s citizens’.
He lamented ‘the lack of consistency in the last years in the area of national co-working, of the political dialogue on major international projects that should target the future development’.

‘Let us hope that life teaches us all, the ones who won (the presidential) elections included, to create a different climate, in which the political confrontation that is natural in any democracy should be also accompanied by united efforts meant to strengthen what we have gained in these years to the benefit of the society, that we should remove some shortcomings of our political and public life and ensure that progress that everybody expected after the December (1989) Revolution’, Iliescu said.

The former head of state evoked the December 1989 events and he criticised the stands taken by ‘some would-be non-conformist intellectuals, who have managed to do an anti-national work by presenting the December 1989 events in a politicised manner, by denying the very existence of a revolution’ in favour of such ‘speculation’ as ‘a coup ďetat or a palace coup’.

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