Lech Walesa, invited to celebration in Timisoara of 20th anniversary since Revolution of 1989

Former President of Poland and leader of the Solidaritatea trade union Lech Walesa on Tuesday evening arrived in the western city of Timisoara, answering thus to an invitation extended by those who started the Revolution in Timisoara back in December 1989 and who are now celebrating the 20th anniversary since that year when Romania liberated from Ceausescu’s dictatorship.

He will participate in the debate titled ‘Fighting and Building – Timisoara 1989 – 2009 – 20 years since the fall of the communist regime’, organized by the Diaspora Foundation and the Timisoara Society. The ceremony opened with the screening of a film about Laszlo Tokes and his actions back in 1989, after which moment two Canadian reporters told the audience what they went through back in 1989.

‘When did the communist regime fall? You say it collapse 20 years ago, while other countries tell a whole different story. In Poland, I told the communists: we are millions and you do not represent us. This was the first defeat of the communism’, Lech Walesa said.

‘No generation had our chance to peace, to evolution. And if we can afford to ruin this chance, the next generation will not forgive us’, Walesa said. The reformed bishop Laszlo Tokes thanked Lech Walesa for supporting the Revolution in Timisoara, back then and now too. The Timisoara City mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu offered the important guest an album and several objects, as symbols of the city.


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