Liviu Negoita hands over his mandate as designated Premier

Democratic Liberal Liviu Negoita on Wednesday announced he had already handed over his mandate as designated Premier on Tuesday.
‘I thanked to President Traian Basescu for his trust in me […] it was better we managed to have a government to be in its full power…

Nevertheless, I expect in a short when another of my colleagues will be designated Prime Minister to be able to form a government to get also the approval from the Parliament’, Negoita said.
President Traian Basescu on November 6 had designated the mayor of the 3rd district of the Romanian capital Liviu Negoita to form a new government, after the Lucian Croitoru cabinet had failed to obtain the investiture vote from the Legislative.

Liviu Negoita back then announced he was to submit his Cabinet list to the Parliament, after three days of debates, also specifying he was pleading for a national coalition Executive. After negotiations were held with the other parties, the Executive formed by Negoita was endorsed only by the PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party), the representatives of the national minorities other than the Hungarian in the Parliament and the group of independents.

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