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Mircea Geoana: PSD supports a majority with Antonescu as PM

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) reaffirms its stance according to which it supports a majority with the Liberals and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) around a premier – Crin Antonescu -, but doesn’t rule out a national union Government in case the Democratic-Liberals would accept Crin Antonescu as Prime-Minister, on Tuesday night stated at the Parliament Palace the PSD president Mircea Geoana, at the end of a meeting with the Liberals leadership.

Geoana said that in case president Traian Basescu and the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) will further want a PD-L premier, “P SD will be the harshest enemy” because it cannot allow “the reproduction in Romania of the party-state and the use of the state levers by some compromised people”. “A formula with the PD-L is out of the question! If around a PM named Crin Antonescu PD- L would join, there will be no problem of national union.

If around Crin Antonescu the UDMR rallied, it would be a very good formula, because there exists a 65 percent parliamentary majority”, Mircea Geoana specified, showing that he referred to a national reconciliation, which is the best solution to Romania, a fact already mentioned by president Traian Basescu as well a few days after the December 6th presidential runoff.

Mircea Geoana said that the positioning of a large majority in a governance which has a stable support in the Parliament would be the best solution to Romania which is currently in an economic, social and political crisis situation. He also said that “a government knocked together with only a few votes would be the worst solution from the political, economic or social point of view”.

The PSD president mentioned during the meeting with the Liberals that the basic principles of the agreement of supporting a governance formula, signed before the presidential runoff, which essentially included the principles of a good governance, were reconfirmed.


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