New TV channel for Romanian films only to be inaugurated in March 2010

The Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA) on Tuesday issued the audiovisual license via satellite for a new TV channel to broadcast Romanian films only – Autentic Cinema TV.

The general manager of the channel Adrian Iacobini said that a channel to broadcast Romanians films is necessary for the other TV channels have only broadcast a small variety of Romanian films, while the Romanian cinema industry has much more to offer.

‘The Romanian films broadcast on other channels, such as B 1TV are getting a very good rating in return but these films are generally found in a bad condition, for their sound’s quality for instance or the image’s was not at all improved. The new channel will be specialized on films, with no advertising breaks to exist, and with the targeted audience to be represented by people aged between 18 and 49. Between the films we will only promote other new films’, Iacobini said.

The new channel will broadcast Romanians films from the very first productions to the latest issues, art films and documentaries. The series of films made signed by the same director or starring the same actor will be broadcast every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The children will be able to watch old cartoons in the weekends and on Sundays we would broadcast short-length films.

There will also be broadcast the making-off of some Romanian films, documentary films from the Sahia archive and films that were awarded over time. Moreover, there will be broadcast the first Romanian film ‘The Fatal Year’ dating from 1914.

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