Otopeni Airport, business on rise compared to 2008

“Henri Coanda” Bucharest Otopeni International Airport posted in the first ten months a turnover of 254.468 million lei, up 3.5 percent from the corresponding period last year, whereas the gross profit over the examined period stood at 84.3 million lei, according to the airport representatives, quoted by Business Standard.

Of the total turnover, aeronautical revenues, derived from airport tariffs applied to air companies and passengers represented 211 million lei and the non-aeronautical ones derived from rent space, parking, protocol, utilities, cleaning stood at 43 million lei.
As for the passengers traffic, 3.8 million passengers were on transit through the airport in the first ten months of the year, accounting for 87 percent of the number of passengers afferent to the similar period a year earlier, respectively a drop of 13 percent.

Referring to this comparison, one should have in view that in 2008 the airport took over for a 2-week period, in October, the air traffic from Baneasa Airport.
At the same time, the total aircraft movement stood at 61,301, approximately at the same level as over Jan. – Oct. 2008. Referring to winter holidays period the airport representatives estimate a rise by some 2 percent in the flight frequency.

This year, the main investments by Otopeni Airport were further focused on the third phase of the development and modernization works, respectively an auto parking construction, extension of the boarding hall, expansion of the check-in zone.

Likewise other investment works made within the airport included the finalization of current repair of runway two, optimization of the security control system, 100 percent, of the baggage in the cargo hold, modernization of water supply chain, arrangement of some auto parking, modernization of the beacon system, an irrigation system for the green space within the airport. The total value of investments implemented over Jan. – Oct. 2009 amounted at approximately 111 million lei.

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