Pambuccian: Minorities group backs up political government relying on solid majority

The parliamentary group of the national minorities, others than the Hungarian one, backs up the idea of forming a political government that relies on an ‘as solid as possible’ majority, said the Group’s head Deputy Varujan Pambuccian, in the end of the consultations held with President Traian Basescu, at the Cotroceni Palace, on Wednesday.

‘Perhaps, tonight or tomorrow, we’ll know how and around whom the formula coalesces,’ specified the head of the national minorities group. A political government is necessary in this period of crisis, Pambuccian argued.
‘It is very important, at the moment, that a government should assume the ruling also at the political level, because we will get in a very simple situation, namely if we choose a formula of technicians, the responsibility may be distorted in the elections due in 2012, if the governing is not also politically assumed.

If there is such an assumption, the parties certainly will do their best, at that moment, both at the level of the governing and of the Parliament, so that everything should get as better as possible,’ thinks the official of the Group of the national minorities.
He said that he personally did not wish to be the prime minister and he would hold consultations with both the power and the opposition, during the period ahead.
‘It is absolutely natural, irrespectively of who will be at rule and who in opposition. I believe that it is not only our group that should do this,’ Pambuccian concluded.

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