PD-L wants right-wing political majority to be set up with PNL, UDMR, national minorities’ group and independents

Democratic Liberal (PD-L) leader Emil Boc said during talks with President Traian Basescu on the formation of a new government on Wednesday that his party backs the setting up of a right-wing political majority with the Liberals (PNL), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the national minorities’ group and the independents in Parliament.

‘From the PD-L viewpoint, the electoral campaign is over. It is high time the political parties left such a logic and gave a stable government. The urgency is to set up a government with solid parliamentary support. Such a majority was confirmed by the Romanians by their vote in the 2008 general elections as well as in this year’s presidential elections.
The right-wing majority is made up of the PNL, UDM R, the national minorities’ group and the independents. This is the solution we’d like to see achieved’, Boc told President Basescu.

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