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Traian Basescu: Every Romanian must feel President is his too

President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday, after the Constitutional Court validated him for the position of Head of State for the second mandate, that his main aim was for every Romanian to feel that the President was his too, no matter for whom he voted at the runoff presidential election on December 6.

“On December 6 the Romanians supported me, others taught me a lesson. No matter what the Romanians’ position was on December 6, I shall be the President of them all, both of the 22 million living within Romania’s borders and of the almost ten million living abroad. My main aim is for every Romanian to feel that the President is his too, no matter for whom he voted on December 6. This is by belief for the next five years,” said Traian Basescu.

During the validation ceremony at the Constitutional Court he emphasized the fact that the moment when a President could be reelected was quite unique. He also said that the Romanian people honoured him by putting their trust in him for a new term in office.
“Romania is through a relatively difficult time, like almost all the European Union countries, and at this moment we need solidarity more then ever before. A solidarity that cannot come if Romania’s President does not take an attitude equally concerning every Romanian,” said the Head of State.

Basescu remarked that the responsibility of a President when carrying out his second mandate was higher than the one he had for the first mandate, considering the experience he acquired. He added that the Head of State was duty bound to find the political formulas that should help him entirely or mostly carry out the programme with which he won the election.

“I have no higher aim at present than the modernization of the Romanian State. We have a state that, by its costs, is a heavy burden on every Romanian’s shoulders. We must simplify the state, we must make the resources spent on the functioning of the state turn into resources at the disposal of Romania’s development,” said the President.

He thanked the Central Electoral Bureau for the work they did in order to ensure free and correct elections. He also thanked the Constitutional Court and said that, by the decision on having the null votes recounted, it consolidated the credibility of the election. At the end of his speech Basescu said he would do everything in his power to be the President Romania needed today.


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