Antonescu: We have nothing to reproach to UDMR and PNL, PSD collaboration comes to an end

National Liberal Party (PNL) has nothing to reproach to the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), and hopes to further have a “civilized relation” with it, as well as once the presidential elections are concluded the alliance between liberals and social democrats comes to an end, PNL President Crin Antonescu stated on Thursday.

“PNL has nothing to reproach UDMR. It is their option and they justified it, it is a political position they assumed and have the right to do so. U DM R never pledged in our relation or in relation with others that it will stay in opposition, even though Basescu wins a second mandate, or that they will not be part in a Traian Basescu’s Government, if he wins a second mandate”, Antonescu said in a press conference.

He said that UDM R behaved fairly and observed its commitments stipulated by the agreement signed with PNL. PNL leader also announced that the alliance with the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has come to an end.

“Once the presidential runoff ended, our collaboration or alliance between the two election rounds for the backing of candidate Mircea Geoana, that is the association between us and PSD ends. As I see, we are two parties both in opposition, but which are not connected by any kind of an associative relation, or an alliance”, explained Crin Antonescu. He said that PNL will be in opposition on a right-wing party stand.

Antonescu also said that the liberals did not find openness on the part of democrat liberals and, as a consequence, they will stay in opposition. “The statements made by Traian Basescu and the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) representatives about a right-wing Government, about a Government with PNL, trying to give a different answer to difficulties Romania is confronted with aren’t anything else (…) but mere propaganda and they had not, and have not any serious intentions.

Our position was a principled one, open to seeking a solution. We did not find the smallest opening on the other side. (…) We will remain in opposition (…) and we will fulfill our duty from there”, pointed out Crin Antonescu.

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