Boc: 2010 budget, adopted at beginning of January by Parliament

Premier designate Emil Boc stated on Thursday that the Government’s priority is the adoption of the state budget on 2010 and stressed that next year will be a better one from economic point of view than the previous one, given that the economy will start to grow.

“We need that the state budget on 2010 is assumed by the new Government and adopted at the beginning of January, by the Parliament in an extraordinary sitting. The state budget on 2010 must be adopted in the framework of Romania’s commitments and here I refer to a budget deficit of 5.9 percent”, said Boc in a press statement, given at Victoria Palace.

The designate Premier showed optimism as for year 2010, pointing out that despite a difficult one it will nevertheless be better than 2010 from the economic point of view “because we will have economic growth, not a downturn”.
“We will need to implement immediately the measures aimed at further support the business environment, in order to relaunch the economy and to keep on jobs. It is extremely important that, through the budget we will submit to the Parliament for approval, through economic boosting measures, to be able to produce prosperity, so that we have the needed resources to apply the solidarity principle”, said Boc.

He underlined that Romania will observe its international commitments towards the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and noted the Parliament should pass the fiscal responsibility bill and the pension system reform bill, the process of modernization of the state being important to be continued.
“As we have done in 2009, irrespective of the electoral campaigns, (…) Romania observed the signed agreements and it remained credible”, underscored Emil Boc.

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