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Boc: We must respect people’s will as expressed in referendum

Designated Premier Emil Boc on Thursday stated that the Parliament has the obligation to implement what Romanians voted for at the referendum on November 22, reminding it that “an overwhelming number” of electors wanted to cut the number of MPs and also one chamber from the Parliament.

“We must respect the will of the people as it was expressed in the referendum. According to the Constitution, the national sovereignty belongs to the Romanian people, which power they express through their elected representatives in the Parliament or in referendum.
Romanians voted in an overwhelming number in the referendum for the cut in the number of MPs and also for cutting one chamber from the Parliament. We have the duty to respect their will and to put into practice what they voted for”, Emil Boc told a press conference at the Victoria palace.

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Wednesday told Emil Boc on the occasion of the consultations the two held at the Cotroceni presidential palace that he expected he would refer also to such priorities he stood for in his capacity as candidate for president during the electoral campaign.

“I expect that when you talk about priorities you will refer also to such priorities we were talking about during the presidential campaign”, Basescu told Boc, while speaking of the priorities of Romania, also giving some examples from the activity of the Executive, but without actually bringing into talks the results of the referendum on the cut of the number of MPs or the switch to a single chamber Parliament.


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