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CCR – presidential elections final results: Traian Basescu – 5,277,068 votes, Mircea Geoana – 5,206,747 votes

Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) published on Thursday, on this institution site, the decision on the establishment and making public the elections result for Romania’s President and that the final results are as follows: Traian Basescu – 5,277,068 votes, Mircea Geoana – 5,206,747 votes.

“Based on the official reports sent to the Court (…) the judges assessed that following the presidential elections runoff on Dec. 6 the results were as follows: the total number of eligible votes in the standing electoral lists: 18,303,224; the total number of eligible voters going to the polls: 10,620,116; the total number of null votes: 136,229 and the total number of validly expressed votes: 10,483,815, of which for: a) Mr. Traian Basescu: 5,277,068 votes; b) Mr. Mircea-Dan Geoana: 5,206,747 votes”, CCR informs in its ruling of Dec. 14.

In its motivation the Court informs that prior to the pronouncement on the elections result, CCR examined three poll cancellation requests, respectively one formulated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Conservative Party (PC) and two formulated by the political Alliance PSD+PC – Caras-Severin County Organization (south-west) and Arad County Organization (west), which were rejected because they failed to meet conditions stipulated by Art. 24 paragraph (1) of the Law No. 370/2004 for Romania’s President election, in conformity with which the Court annuls elections in the case the voting and results were based on fraud in the manner to modify the mandate assignment or, depending on the case, the candidates order, who participated in the elections runoff.

CCR underlined that from the submitted data Traian Basescu had the highest number of the validly expressed votes and that as a consequence the requirement stipulated by Art. 81 paragraph (3) from Constitution is met, in order to proceed to his validation as Romania’s President. CCR ruling is definitive,t is published in Romania’s Official Gazette, Part I and is disseminated through the press.


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