Emil Boc is designated by President to form Government

President Traian Basescu on Thursday designated chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Emil Boc for the position of Prime Minister. Basescu made it clear that he asked the Premier Designate to only consult him in connection with the ministers he will nominate and who will be members of the Supreme Council for the Country’s Defence, the remaining part of the future Cabinet being the responsibility of the Prime Minister and the parties.

The Head of State grounded his decision on designating Boc on the necessity that Romania should have a Government as soon as possible, considering the economic crisis under the real political circumstances brought about by the long lasting rhetoric of some parties.

“I see that some parties have not yet got out of the campaign atmosphere, others have domestic problems so that, given the political reality, I realize I have to take a solution I can ensure at present so that Romania should solve its zero priority, the one of having a Government,” said Traian Basescu.
The President voiced appreciation for the Premier Designate and said that he applied the solutions resulting from the financing agreements with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

“This is why I considered the PD-L suggestion and issued the decree on designating Mr Emil Boc to the position of Prime Minister. He is a man devoted to the public service, who fulfilled his duty in the public service both as mayor and as Parliamentarian and as minister, he is a man fond of dialogue, a man who assumed the responsibility for some extremely difficult solutions as they resulted from the international financing agreements Romania ratified through Parliament,” said Basescu.

Emil Boc, chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party, was born on September 6, 1966 at Rachitele, Cluj County (central Romania). He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philosophy (1991) and the School of Law (1995). He underwent several training stages and had several scholarships abroad.
He was a teacher with the Gheorghe Lazar Teacher Training School in Cluj-Napoca (1991- 93), junior assistant with the chair of contemporary history and political sciences, assistant professor with the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences (1994-97), university reader with the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences/School of Law within the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

He delivered courses of lectures on constitutional law and political institutions at the School of Law, on the Romanian political system at the Faculty of Political Sciences, on the public freedoms in Romania at the Faculty of Political Sciences.
Doctor of political sciences and political philosophy with the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, 2000, candidate for a doctor’s degree in constitutional law and political institutions.

Member of the American Association of Political Sciences since 1994 and of the Romanian Society of Political Sciences since 1999. Lawyer with the Cluj bar since 1996.
Member of the Democratic Party (PD), he was chairman of the Cluj County political bureau (2000), PD deputy (2000-2004), a span of time during which he was vice-chairman of the legal commission (2001), leader of the PD parliamentary group (2003), vice-chairman of the commission on revising the Constitution (2003).

In 2003 he was elected executive chairman of the Democratic Party. Following the election of PD chairman Traian Basescu as Head of State, Emil Boc was interim chairman of the party till the extraordinary national convention, which elected him chairman of the Democratic Party on June 25, 2005. He was elected mayor of the city of Cluj-Napoca during the local election in 2004 and was reelected in June 2008.

In December 2008 he was designated to form the Government after Theodor Stolojan handed in his mandate of Premier Designate. He was sworn in on December 22, 2008, together with the entire Cabinet, at the Cotroceni Palace.
On October 2, 2009 Premier Emil Boc and the Democrat Liberal ministers took over the ministerial prerogatives for 45 days after the Social Democrat ministers resigned on October 1 from the coalition Government with PD-L in protest against the dismissal of Interior Minister Dan Nica.

Thus Boc also became Incumbent Minister of Education, Research and Innovation. On October 13, 2009, Parliament passed the censure motion “11 against Romania” and the Boc Government was dismissed, it was the first time in the post-December history that a government was dismissed by Parliament through a motion being passed.

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