In Timisoara, the revolutionaries defetead the army, says former president Constantinescu

In the Western city of Timisoara, the revolutionaries defeated the Army, and the Revolution was real and complete, said on Wednesday, in the city laying on the Bega banks (north-west of Bucharest), the former president of Romania Emil Constantinescu (1996- 2000).

“The Army had to withdraw to the barracks, following an insurrection. It was not a sign of magnanimity, it only lost the battle, although huge forces had been mobilized and acted with cruelty and determination hard to imagine. The revolutionaries defeated the Army”, Emil Constantinescu said.
The former head of state appreciated the role of Timisoara in opening the country to democracy and reminded that the revolutionaries of this city penetrated the symbolic headquarters of the power of the party and state, conquered it, and the local leaders and the ones sent by the Bucharest leadership shamefully ran away.

“Afterwards, the people of Timisoara were capable to build a political party, to carry out an action programme, to pick up people who identified themselves with name and surname, in the very moments of the most ferocious dictatorship, and the ones chosen were the people in the Opera Square”, Emil Constainescu said.
The former president was invited to attend the extraordinary session of the Local Council of the City of Timisoara, on Wednesday, in honour of the December 1989 Revolution.

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