Investments worth 1.2 billion euros in new production unit at Braila-based thermal power plant

General manager of E.ON Romania Frank Hajdinjak on Wednesday announced at a press conference the group’s intention to inject some 1.2 billion euros in a new production unit at the Braila-based thermal power plant, to have a capacity of 800 Megawatts.

‘The feasibility study for this project was already completed, with investment to reach up to 1.2 billion euros’, Hajdinjak said. A project company to include Termoelectrica, E.ON and Enel will built the production unit. ‘Most probably, E.ON will hold the majority package in the project company.

There will also be held talks on the stakes Termoelectrica and Enel will hold in the future production unit. E.ON has already obtained all the necessary approvals from the Group it is part of, being ready to join the project company. We want to continue this project so as to convince the shareholders to bring more money. We have to prove that what we have right now generated the wanted profitability rate’ the general manager of E.ON Romania said.

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