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Ion Iliescu: Romanian revolution cannot be judged in isolation

The Romanian revolution cannot be judged in isolation because it was part of a broader process of the fall of a system – the Soviet inspired socialist state system, stated on Thursday the former Romania’s President, Ion Iliescu, on the occasion of the homage session dedicated to the anniversary of 20 years since the Romanian revolution, organized by the Institute for the Romanian revolution.

Ion Iliescu said that Romania faced measures of control, surveillance and stifling of any opening toward the necessary changes, reason why the only solution materialized in the Timisoara ( west) inhabitants’ uprising, extended later on to Bucharest and other urban centers.
“Due to Ceausescu regime repressive nature, we did not have the chance of a velvet revolution, like the Czechs, nor of other peaceful transformation forms, nor even a peaceful “coup ďetat”, as Bulgarians succeeded by dismissing Teodor Jivkov. We were constrained to pay with blood for freedom and democracy.

But our revolution was essentially popular. It was the work of the Romanian people”, underlined the former president. He expressed regret as regards the smear campaigns against the Romanian revolution, “usually sustained by frustrated and mean people who did not dare “to breathe in front” during the dictatorship and also failed to be noticed during the hot days and nights in December 1989, but now parade their post-factum militancy”.

“In exchange, they dare to judge those who accomplished some things. A genuine army of slanderers! They feed ill-will confusion between various concepts – revolution, coup ďetat or conspiracy. The spontaneity of popular uprising is denied and its start is put on the account of some foreign agencies”, added Iliescu. The former head of state qualified as simplistic and unrealistic to claim that a spontaneous uprising was the work of some foreign intelligence services agents.

“A conspiracy leading to the dismissal of Ceausescu would have been beneficial to the country because the bloodshed in December 1989 could have been avoided. Some timid attempts were annihilated from the very start”, said Ion Iliescu. According to him, a revolution cannot be confiscated, nor be identified or summed up as an insurrection.
Ion Iliescu underlined that the essence of the Romanian revolution meant, first of all, passing from dictatorship to democracy, from the system of one party domination, a party-state, to a multi¬party political system, to free elections and to the adoption of a new democratic Constitutions and the launch of economic reform processes.


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