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Jerzy Buzek attends event ‘1989-2009, 20 years of freedom’, organized by the Romanian delegation in the EPP Group

The Romanian delegation on Wednesday, December 16, organised at the European Parliament (EP) headquarters in Strasbourg a series of events called ‘1989-2009, 20 years of freedom’, to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the fall of the communist regime in Romania.

Before this moment, there took place the premiere at the European Parliament of the film ‘Memories from the Golden Age’ directed by Cristian Mungiu, a Palme ďOr (Cannes) laureate in 2007.
On Wednesday, the EP chair Jerzy Buzek stated that December 16 was a very important day, especially for the Romanian people. ‘For you, the Romanians, things didn’t look so great in the morning of December 16, 1989, in a city we all remember – Timisoara.

This city’s name was hundreds of times mentioned on our television channel. What happened in our countries, which today are members of the European Union, will never repeat; this is our will. That’s why, we have to remember those who fought for liberty and for me it is a great honour and pleasure to be here and to congratulate the Romanian people’, Buzek, who played an important role in the fall of the communist regime in Poland, underlined.

Reformed bishop MEP Laszlo Tokes (EPP/UDMR), who played an important role in the events in Timisoara (western Romania) in December 1989, said that the communist regime in Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and other European States was a criminal regime, having been condemned as such by the international community.

‘That’s why, I made a proposal – in the declaration that was signed in Timisoara – an European Criminal Court to be set up for condemning the crimes committed during the communist dictatorship. Let’s name it the Timisoara Process, following an analogy with the Nuremberg Process, which allows the investigation and legal condemnation of crimes against humanity committed during the communist regime’, Laszlo Tokes said.


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