Pambuccian: We’ll give PD-L conditional support, we’ll not have ministers or state secretaries in gov’t

Leader of the national minorities’ group, other than Hungarian, in the Deputies’ Chamber Varujan Pambuccian said at the end of talks with the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) on Thursday that the group will give the new government conditional support and it will not vote for no-confidence motions, but it will negotiate the fundamental laws. He stressed such provisions will be written in a protocol to be signed with the Democratic Liberals at the weekend.

‘We have agreed with the PD-L to give the government conditional support, namely we will not vote for no-confidence motions or other motions, but we are going to negotiate each separate law on the issues related to the economic and social fundamental laws or the laws regarding the national minorities’ issues; if no agreement is reached, we’ll vote as we think fiť, Pambuccian stressed.
He announced the minorities’ group will not be represented in the government by ministers or state secretaries. Further talks will be held at the weekend, when a protocol that is currently being discussed will be signed, Pambuccian announced.

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