Plaques unveiled in memory of Timisoara Revolution martyr-students

Several plaques were unveiled on Thursday at the entrance to the schools in Timisoara (western Romania) where seven students had learned and who were killed on Dec. 17 and 23, 1989 for having chanted ‘Down with Ceausescu!’, ‘Freedom!’ and ‘No violence!’.

The plaques were put by the Timis County School Inspectorate, the Revolution Fighters’ Association ALTAR and Banat Metropolitan’s See; they honour martyrs Constantin Iosub, 17, Luminita Botoc, 14, whose body was found in Jan. 1990 in a common grave in the local Heroes’ Cemetery, Gabriela Tako, 10, Eugen Nagy, 17 and Ioan Varcus, 15.

Only one such plaque had been put in Timisoara so far to honour the memory of Silviu Iordan, 17, who was shot on Dec. 23, 1989. Fifty youths and children aged between 18 and two years old were killed in December 1989 in Timisoara, with many of the bodies having been cremated by the then-communist authorities and their ashes thrown in a sewer.

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