President Basescu designates Emil Boc Premier to form government

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Thursday designated the PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party) leader Emil Boc as Prime Minister.

‘He is a man devoted to the public service, a man who has also done his job in the public service, both as MP and as Prime Minister, a man of dialogue and who had the courage to assume responsibility in the Parliament for implementing some very difficult measures’, Traian Basescu said, referring to Emil Boc.

The President also specified that he asked the Premier to consult him strictly related to such Ministers who are also members of the CSAT (Supreme Council of National Defense), with the remaining issues to be discussed with the political parties. Basescu also said that the government should be sworn in on December 23, in order to be able to submit the budget bill for 2010 to the Parliament by end-year.

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