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PSD leader: Boc being designated is inappropriate choice

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (P SD) Mircea Geoana on Thursday described as inappropriate the Head of State designating leader of the Democrat Liberals Emil Boc to form the Government.

“The announcement made by the President referring to the designation of Emil Boc is an inappropriate choice, which demonstrates that Mr Basescu’s second mandate, unfortunately, will also be similar to or even worse than his first term in office.

By the decision of appointing an obedient Prime Minister Mr Basescu missed a historical chance of offering Romania a national reconciliation project at such a difficult time for Romania’s citizens and missed the chance of demonstrating that he can become a different kind of President and refused the offer made by us for a genuine government based on perfectly honest and competent people that should depend in no way on any kind of vested interests,” said Geoana.

He thinks that Traian Basescu disregarded the result of the December 6 election, namely the electoral reality. “Practically at this moment Mr Basescu has not managed to find a formula of ‘evacuating’ the immense dissatisfaction the society collected with his mandate and the performance of the Boc Government. He once again nominated the one who has been considered today by the Romanians in most opinion polls as the weakest Premier in the past 20 years.

Traian Basescu actually confirms his own stake, first of all to remove the traces of the rigged presidential election. He could not afford an independent Premier or one of a different political affiliation. At this moment they [the Democrat Liberals] must pay their debts to the ones from whom they borrowed the immense resources for the noisiest campaign,” said the PSD chairman.

Geoana also says he deeply regrets the fact that the nomination made by the President “will perpetuate a certain economic and social outlook” as the Boc Governments did not manage to struggle against the crisis in 2009.” Mircea Geoana informed that PSD would be a democratic alternative on the political stage in its capacity as an opposition party. President Traian Basescu on Thursday designated PD-L chairman Emil Boc Prime Minister.


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