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Romania could benefit of France’s experience to overcome economic crisis

Romania could benefit from the experience of France and could use it to find its way out of the economic crisis. And there is need first of all of a more diversified activity in the field of industry, for the development of the cities resides not only in the intensification of the services, but also in the development of the industry and of the agro food sector, the French Ambassador to Bucharest Henri Paul told.

‘Cluj could become a very important reference point in these two field, the industry and the agro food sector. In fact, together with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine we have developed ‘The Food Patrimony Meetings’. You already now that right now, together with the former Minister of Agriculture nominated European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos, fully dedicated to the agro food sector’, Henri Paul said.

The French diplomat admitted that France is already represented in Cluj-Napoca, but not sufficiently well, and promised that the new honorific consul Pascal Fesneau, who had taken over on Tuesday, will be a chief of campaign to mobilize a group of managers.
Henri Paul considers that as regards the trade exchanges there is currently seen a delay. France is the third investor in Romania and the 8th in Cluj Napoca, where there are only 20 French companies operating right now. He also said that the industry could be and should be developed more in this city.

‘Romania and France concluded strategic partnerships together and these are not only words but concrete facts, with missions in the economic, cultural and political field having been carried out. In May 2010, the French Embassy in Bucharest is going to organise in Cluj-Napoca the ‘Culture and Territory Meetings’, occasion on which we want to explain that we are able to develop together the economy building on culture in Romania’, Henri Paul said, also adding that by capitalizing the culture, France became the first tourist destination in the world, with more than 60 million tourists on an annual basis visiting the country, that is more than the country’s inhabitants.

‘Transilvania has a strong culture, with territorial attractions that should be better exploited. Otherwise, Romania will not have tourism. It is also very important young people to learn to communicate in two foreign languages of international circulation, the French and the English. This I believe is essential. Romania needs to open to the other cultures of Europe.

It cannot stay hidden between the borders, isolation is now over. Romania has more than 20 million inhabitants and it needs to open, as a Francophone country, towards France, including with new flights to be inaugurated. We also need to create structural cooperation lines with the local communities, between the universities, on all matters’, Henri Paul said.
From his viewpoint, Romania needs to show a real openness, to develop accordingly to his cultural and European experience, by inviting specialists to help from France and from the rest of the civilized world.


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