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Traian Basescu: We unreservedly support 30 percent cut in pollution

President Traian Basescu said on Thursday, at the Henri Coanda Airport, before leaving for Copenhagen, where he attends the United Nations Climate Change Conference, that Romania unreservedly supported the aim of the European Commission of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent.

“The aim of this conference is to draw up an extremely binding political document for the UN member states so that, by 2012, a report should be written confirming this aim,” said President Basescu.
The Head of State made it clear that the big polluters in Romania must largely bear the costs of reducing harmful gas emissions.

“For us it is a question of long-term modernization and sustainable development, this is why we are unreserved supporters of the aims of the European Commission of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent,” also said Traian Basescu, who emphasized the fact that the Romanians must be less and less affected by pollution.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 15, started its second week of negotiations.

Over December 7-16 there were talks and negotiations at expert level and, starting on December 15, negotiations are held both at technical expert level and at political level through consultations with the ministers of the participating states.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference is one of the most important events of the year in point of international politics and is held between December 7 and 18, 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital.

Here representatives of the governments of the UN member states are to negotiate for a new agreement by which they pledge to cut carbon dioxide emissions, an agreement that should come after the Kyoto Protocol starting in 2012.
The EU member states, Romania included, will make all the necessary efforts to stimulate the progress of negotiations so that their result should generate obligations to achieve some concrete targets of cutting emissions in all developed countries.

The evolution of the talks at international level offers the prospect that the meeting in Copenhagen should end in concluding a political agreement and next year they should continue the negotiations for adopting an international judicial agreement.


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