Basescu: Romania aims at uncoupling its economic growth from level of greenhouse gas emissions

Romania aims at uncoupling its economic growth from the level of greenhouse gas emissions, Romanian President Traian Basescu on Thursday stated, at the high-level United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen.

According to the head of the Romanian state, ‘this could be realized through promotion of alternative energy sources, including renewable ones, through increasing energy efficiency and promoting such technologies to capture and geologically store the carbon’.
Traian Basescu added Romania also takes into account the promotion of ‘clean’ technologies in industry, transportation, agriculture and in the waste management field and specified the country will continue to use nuclear energy for civil purposes the same as to capitalize its wind energy.

‘We will also continue to exploit our country’s agricultural potential through establishing a just equilibrium between the agro food production and biofuel cultivation’, the head of the state said.
In the context of using such transport vehicles to protect the environment, Basescu referred to the need for an European strategy of integrated development in the Danube region, also to unify the regulations of the navigation regimes on the Rhine and on the Danube, so as to economically connect the Black Sea region to the Northern Sea.

The Romanian President also showed that Romania getting engaged in the fight against global warming was proved by the progress recorded in achieving the Kyoto objectives over 1990-2007 and by the current level of the greenhouse gas emissions, which slid 37 percent below the assumed objective.

‘As part of the Kyoto ‘inheritance’, Romania wants an understanding related to the approach of the surplus of the Assigned Amount Units (AAU), so that the trading regime to be non¬discriminatory, with the capitalization of such Units not to break the integrity of the environmental agreements. We think that, the accumulation of surplus of units confirms the fact that Romania has made significant effort to cut emissions and that the country understands to use the Units in such manner not to put in danger the environmental targets’, Traian Basescu said.

He also underlined that climate change and the degradation of the environment threatens in the same time the world’s security, the social and economic stability.
‘Romania was part of the common action of the European Union in this decisive interval for ensuring the success of the international negations on the climate change. The EU mandate acted like a catalyst in the negotiations on the international level, in compliance with the principle of ‘common but differentiated responsibilities.’

This targets engagement to cut emissions by such industrialized countries and the modification of the trajectory of the emissions in the countries under development’, Traian Base scu also said.

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