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BCR Housing customers to receive state bonuses in 2010

The BCR Locuinte (Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR)) customers will receive in the first part of 2010 state bonuses counting for 40 million lei (approx 9.5 million-euro) for their 2009 savings of around 140 million lei (approx 33 million-euro).

The Raiffeisen Locuinte competitor receives a state bonus worth 10 million lei (approx 2,4 million-euro) for its customers’ savings on 2009. The people who save through a saving-crediting contract for housing receive 3 percent interest from the bank and a state bonus worth 25 percent from the value of the sums saved, within the limit of 250 euro equivalent in lei. The second stage is the one when the client could have a credit equal to the sum saved, for which he/she pays only 6 percent interest rate, much below the market average.

At the beginning of the next year, BCR Locuinte will start crediting, as it estimated some 100 million lei (approx 24 million-euro) for the entire year 2010, says Alexandru Ciobanu, the chairman of the bank, quoted by Ziarul financiar daily.
Only a “small part” will be credits for the Bauspar contracts (standard saving-crediting contracts), while teh rest will be anticipated credits (given at the beginning of the contract) and intermediary credits (given during the contract), some products for which an interest wasn’t decided yet.

The bank closes this year with 80,000 contracts, reaching some 130,000, together with the ones given in 2008 – most of them BCR clients. For the end of 2010, the BCR Locuinte has targeted about 250,000 contracts. Ciobanu said that for now he couldn’t talk about canceled contracts, because the bank is at the beginning of the road. Ciobanu didn’t say anything about the ratio between the sums effectively saved and the planned ones, specifying that 30-35 percent of the customers are saving through automatic transfer from the salary account.


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