Commemorative exhibition “20 years since the Romanian Revolution”, in University Square subway arcade

The commemorative exhibition “20 years since the Romanian Revolution” has been inaugurated on Friday, December 18, 2009, in the University Square subway arcade.
The exhibition will be open to Bucharest people over December 18-25 and will present part of the events that took place in Bucharest streets in the hot spots of the Romanian Revolution by offering photographs, short films and original sounds.

This exhibition tries to re-enact, as much as it is still possible today, the atmosphere and especially the frame of mind, the revolt and courage of the people who stood up against the Ceausescu oppressive state in December 1989. Presenting the events in Bucharest, this cultural event is wished to be an homage paid both to those who sacrificed themselves and to those who survived, the anonymous and heroic citizens of Bucharest.

This is why the above-mentioned exhibition is also titled “This Is What It Was Like in Bucharest” as it pays homage to one single and main character, the simple citizen of Bucharest, and not to the so called “personalities.” The organizers of the exhibition are the Trade Union of the December 1989 Revolutionaries, the Bucharest City Hall, the General Council through the Agency for the Administration of Monuments and Tourist Patrimony.

A Christmas tree adorned with cards with the names of the revolutionaries on them is placed in the middle of the University subway arcade. The organizers laid some soil around the fir tree, where people brought bread rings, pretzels, apples and candles, lots of candles, alight in the memory of those who restored freedom 20 years ago for us all. There are also red dye spots on the soil, representing December 1989 bloodshed.

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