Emil Constantinescu launches volume ‘1989 Revolution – The Way It Was’

Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu launched on Friday the first volume of his work ‘The Original Sin, the Founding Sacrifice’ entitled ‘1989 Revolution – The Way It Was’ published with the support from the Institute for the Investigation of the Revolution Crimes.

The second volume entitled ‘1989 Revolution – Steps to Truth’ is to be published soon. This is the second launch of the book, with the first one having taken place in the western Timisoara city on Dec. 16.
As Constantine scu put it, the book ‘pays homage to those who fought in 1989 and defeated the communist rule, thus offering us freedom’; the volume ‘tells the history of people who have a first name and a surname and who played a certain role in the Revolution at a given moment’.

The former president explained that the ‘Original Sin’ in the volume title represents ‘the criminal reprisal and the stealing of the Revolution triumph by a group of persons’, while the ‘Founding Sacrifice’ means the Romanians’ revolt amid the liberating movements in Eastern Europe in 1989.
The volume seeks to answer several questions about the Revolution that have been tormenting the Romanians since December 1989: ‘Was it a coup ďetat or a revolution?’, ‘Had there been a conspiracy?’, ‘Who shot at us on Dec. 21-22?’.

‘There was certainly a conspiracy too. All the coups ďetat and all the revolutions had been preceded by a conspiracy, in the totalitarian regimes most of all. However, conspiracy in Romania played no role, since it stayed at the level of meetings in the park’, he stressed.
Constantinescu underscored he had taken upon himself to write this book ‘because my fate made me have direct access to essential documents, I had the opportunity to be in contact with the major players of the European and world politics.

I can firmly say things I lived and things I learned, I can publish correct information and documents on persons alive, who hold key positions in politics, administration or economy. I can do this since I cannot be blackmailed in any way for anything in my past and I cannot be bought by any kind of present or future privileges’, he said in the forward to his book.

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