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Geoana: I’ve been given vote of confidence until new PSD congress is held

Social Democrat (PSD) chairman Mircea Geoana said on Friday he was given a vote of confidence from the members of the party’s National Executive Committee until a new National Council meeting is held at the end of January.

Geoana told a news conference that the only one who voted against him was leader of Vrancea County Council Marian Oprisan. ‘The National Executive Committee today gave me a vote of confidence in order for me to implement such line of conduct of the party – as the main opposition party in Romania and in order to draft a political programme and to evaluate the presidential elections.

The National Council will take place in the end of January, when we’ll announce a congress for 2010, when we’ll give a political programme to the PSD’, he stressed.
Geoana announced that the Committee members decided to re-confirm in the upcoming period the PSD-PNL (National Liberal Party) majorities set up in more than 30 county councils.

He underscored the PSD is ‘the only political force sufficiently massive as to put up a resistance to the Traian Basescu regime’s temptation of controlling everything’.
‘We have an orange state and the PSD has the obligation to defend our interests and to resist Traian Basescu’s temptation for absolute power. /…/ The PSD is a united, robust party, that is finding its pace and that ultimately won the elections, which is extremely important’, the Social Democrat leader said.


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