Governing programme is essentially the same as in December 2008

Premier Designate Emil Boc said on Friday that the governing programme his new Cabinet suggested was essentially the same as in December 2008, with a number of changes brought about by the norm-setting documents that were approved in the meantime.

“We have been working on the governing programme for a very long time. In the end it is updated, there are no problems there … Essentially the governing programme is the one we submitted to Parliament in December 2008, with the subsequent changes and completions, depending on the norm-setting documents that were approved and the new things that appeared,” explained Boc.

He refused to give details of the composition of the new Government and made it clear that the talks with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the national minorities and the independents in Parliament went on. On Friday or Saturday he is to make public the names of the ministers he suggested. The meting with former Minister of Finance Sebastian Vladescu is a negotiation too, as the Premier said.

“We are still negotiating and today or tomorrow we are to present the governing formula … Together with the partners we have, the UDMR colleagues, the national minorities and the independents, we are going to take counsel about the decisions we shall make. At this time we are under total maximal negotiations for forming the Government,” said Boc.


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