Housing energy certificate is compulsory starting in 2010

Starting next year no flat in a block of flats will be sold or rented without an energy certificate, informed the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing.

Although the law on this compulsoriness was passed three years ago, the representatives of the real estate market have diverging opinions as regards the effects of the new regulation, with one exception. The measure will benefit buyers, who this way will be able to negotiate for a lower price when buying the house.

“On January 1 the law on energy certification comes into force. We have waited enough, there are already three years since the law was approved and now we have also drawn up the calculation guide. We are accrediting another 40 energy auditors so that, starting in January, their number will exceed 600,” Ioan Andreica, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Development, told Business Standard publication.

In his opinion the energy certificate can be compared to “a technical book” of the house. This certificate informs the potential buyer or lodger of the energy performance of the flat, which is mainly expressed through the specific annual total energy consumption and the specific annual consumption of heat for heating, hot water and lighting and through the energy efficiency of the flat by including it into an energy class (from class A, high energy efficiency, to class G, low energy efficiency), informs the above-mentioned ministry.

Notaries public say that the moment when this compulsoriness is introduced will generate a blockage of the real estate transactions in the first stage, but also an increase from 5 to 10 percent in the prices of houses to be sold. “The costs of the energy certification will be included in the selling price so that an increase in the prices of houses is to be expected. The number of transactions will decrease drastically against the background of the lack of a sufficient number of accredited auditors,” explained Miruna Popescu, spokesperson for the National Union of Notaries Public, in her turn.

Real estate analyst Radu Zilisteanu says that, some clear instruments of checking the degree of energy efficiency lacking, the marks given by the energy auditors will be subjective. “Concurrently with the introduction of this certificate the buyer will be able to calculate what investments will be necessary in the house he has bought in order to remove energy losses.

This will make it possible for him to negotiate and get a higher discount when buying the house, therefore he will practically be the only one to get an advantage,” explained Zilisteanu. But Catalin Grigore, general manager of a real estate agency, says that the energy certification will shortly turn into a formality that will not influence the market substantially.

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