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Marian Sarbu: I think that PSD can assume Ministry of Labour

Vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party (P SD) Marian Sarbu thinks that the Social Democrats can assume responsibility for the Ministry of Labour, be it even for a six-month limited time span, but if the party decides otherwise, he will comply with its decision.

He informed on Friday that he would present the national executive committee his point of view by means of which he would voice willingness to take part in a government that should find solutions for surmounting the economic crisis through the agency of an essential ministry such as the Labour one. “I have already stated my viewpoint clearly enough and I think I am going to try today too, during the national executive committee, to speak my mind.

I think that the economic and social situation does not allow us, politically or from the point of view of responsibility, to be onlookers. To think that the government is the one that should simply solve absolutely all problems, if the social situation deteriorates and some people stamp their feet with happiness in Parliament, is a political illusion. I think that PSD is capable of supporting, for a limited span of time, perhaps six months, a moratorium by which we should try to stabilized the economic and social situation.

This is the point of view I am going to present the national executive committee too, the decision-making body. I am a politician who knows what politics and party discipline are,” said Marian Sarbu. In his opinion PSD is the most democratic party at the moment thanks to chairman Mircea Geoana. He added that he had no official talks with anybody. Marian Sarbu denied having been backed by the Democratic Liberal pP arty and said that he wanted to be backed by PSD.


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