Photo exhibition in Rome on Romanian Revolution

Accademia di Romania in Rome is currently host of a photo exhibition called “The price of freedom” Traces, heroes and fruits of 1989 Romanian Revolution” and made up of images taken in the cities of Timisoara and Bucharest by the Italian photoreporter Manolo Cinti.

In the exhibition organized by the Makenoise cultural association, under the guidance of the Rome Mayoralty, Lazio Regional Council and the European Parliament, about 50 images depicting “the traces” from Timisoara and Bucharest of the Revolution 20 years ago are shown: bloody manifestations, the Romanian Television, graves and portraits of the heroes.

The rest of the images attempt to catch Romania and the Romanians now, after the country’s European integration, in 2007. A particular segment of the show is dedicated to a Romanian woman, Dorina (45), from Mila 23 village, the Danube Delta, who emigrated in the ’90s in Italy and is currently a member of the charity association which assists children from Romania.
Likewise, the exhibition includes a media segment, with video witnesses of some Romanians who were in the whirlpool of the December 1989 events. There is a book too, printed by the Postcart Publishing House which envisages the images of the exhibition explained in short.

Photoreporter Manolo Cinti (30) admits that he had his own research about the places he took pictures of and enjoyed the support of the ordinary Romanians in the street from Timisoara and Bucharest who have directed him immediately to the places he was looking for. He used to work lately for the Italian Il Messaggero and Il Tempo and had the opportunity to take photos of some Romanians in negative roles, such as Romulus Mailat, or of the rapes from Guidonia and the Caffarella Park.

“This summer, when I took the pictures for the exhibition, I could find the real face of the Romanians and Romania, because here, in Italy, the people talked in a too negative voice and had a completely wrong image about the Romanians.
The extraordinary culture and history of the Romanians is almost unknown, and there is too less talking about the good, positive things done by the many Romanians who live here, next to us, in our towns and cities”, Manolo Cinti told.
The exhibition “The price of freedom: The traces, the heroes and the fruits of the 1989 Romanian Revolution” stays open at the Accademia di Romania until January 10.

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