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‘The Inter Barricade’ to be rebuilt after 20 years

I want to invite all those young people in their 20s to join me in spending one hour of silence thinking about the souls of those who died two decades ago at the Revolution, of those people who made Romania proud, Journalist Paul Cozighian said on December 17, at the press conference before presenting the ‘The Inter Barricade’ event.

‘The Inter Barricade’ will be rebuilt on December 21 close to the Intercontinental hotel in Bucharest, at the same hour and in the same location where twenty years ago, in 1989, the protesters had built a barricade against the dictatorship. The event was organised by independent journalist Paul Cozighian.
In the same time, in front of he National Theatre, is going to be screened a 30-minute film with images caught in the night of the violent repression of the revolution. There will also speak on this occasion relatives of the 49 young people who died here back then.

‘I want to launch a new very serious campaign to retell the story of the revolution to the new generation, to those who have today the age I had back in 1989, when I went on the streets to yell ‘Down with Ceausescu!’ and ‘Down with Communism!’ “, Paul Cozighian said.
He also said that he wanted to talk about what actually happened in the December 21 evening, for what happened back then remained little known in Europe.
‘Twenty years ago there were no foreign journalists to tell what was happening here on December 21.

The first foreign journalists entered Romania in the morning of December 23 or in the night between December 22 and 23. Since the events were succeeding very rapidly back then, there were always new news pushing the old news from behind, so that the tragedy from the barricade practically passed unnoticed’, Cozighian said.
Paul Cozighian is an independent journalist, freelance. He lives in Paris, where he left after three weeks since the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu.


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  1. Dan Petre spune

    Congratulations, Mr. Cozighian. God bless your work and the action you’re taking in the memory of the fallen romanians!

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