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Timisoara revolutionaries thank medical doctors who saved them in December 1989

Revolutionaries in Timisoara (west) wounded during the Revolution days in December 1989 addressed their thanks on Friday to the medical doctors who saved their lives back then and who remained on watch till January 1990.

“17 December” Association of the wounded and bereaved families of the dead conferred honorary titles to the medical doctors, as well as to the hospital wards, which made possible their saving from death, especially that they were banned by Securitate to help those shot in the streets. Among those who received the titles are also Viennese doctors who performed surgical intervention in Austria on many were seriously wounded in the Revolution.

“Absolutely all the medical doctors and assistants came voluntary to work, each knew what he or she had to do and they tried to protect as best as they could those wounded in the streets, so that they would not be arrested and executed by Securitate”, one of Timisoara doctors working in the County Hospital told.

A special case was that of doctor Virgil Ene, now in his 80s, working in the Municipal Hospital during the Revolution. He immediately accepted, risking his life, to operate the wounded in Timisoara Revolution round the clock, remaining in the hospital for five consecutive days and nights to save dozens of lives. The surgeon saved 40 lives, operating non stop, for dozens of hours on end, all the wounded shot on Timisoara streets brought into the hospital. He ended his “conspiratorial” saving operations on December 22, when Ceausescu was finally toppled.


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