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Total total volume of merchandise moving through Romanian seaports, down 33 pct

The total total volume of cargo handled through the Romanian seaports based in Constanta, Mangalia and Midia stood at 38.3 million tonnes January through November 2009, that is a drop by 33 percent on the same interval in 2008, according to the data released by the National Company Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta (CNAPMC).

The company’s managers estimate a total volume of merchandise standing at 42 tonnes in end-year. According to the abovesaid source, the total volume of seaport hinterland traffic stood at 31.25 million tonnes, with the river traffic having recorded only 7.1 million tonnes. In 2008, the Constanta port recorded a record traffic of merchandise, the biggest figure in the latest 20 years.

Thus, in end-November, there were recorded 550,101 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units), that is 5.4 million tonnes, against 1.29 million TEU, 11.2 million tonnes of trade respectively. The traffic increased in the case of the grains, oil products, oily seeds, construction materials, equipment and machinery.

There were handled through the Constanta port smaller quantities of non-ferrous scrap and solid fuels, with a drop having been recorded from 10.9 million tonnes in end-November 2008 down to 3.5 million tonnes in the same span of time in 2009, determined mainly by the context on the market, with a stabilization having been noticed lately, and premises existing traffic growth to be resumed on this segment.
In the context of the estimates the economy will recover worldwide the Constanta Port, an important point in the international logistic chains, is to follow the same trend with the global economy.


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