UDMR to share governance with PD-L

At the end of five hours of debate, the Union’s Representatives Council (CRU) of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), gathered on Friday in Targu Mures (center), decided in unanimity – just two votes against and no abstention – to share the governance with the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L).

“It was a relatively long debate on the one hand about a review of the electoral campaign and the elections results and on the other and first of all an eventual assuming of the governmental responsibility.

The participants came with arguments, counter-arguments and it appeared that currently the presence in a Government or the presence in a ruling coalition is a very great responsibility for anyone assuming it, the country is in full crisis, solutions must be found to combat this crisis, tough measures are needed and we weighted all these things and, following the debate,s CRU almost unanimously voted in favor of UDMR participation in a ruling coalition together with PD-L”, announced UDMR President Marko Bela.

He underlined that in the period to come the coalition protocol will be finalized, as well as the governing programme, the list of the cabinet and the portfolios for the Union. “I hope that in a few days, next week, we will succeed to have a stable Government, I do not know if that is feasible, ahead of Christmas (…) The ministries for us are the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health and a vice premiership”, stressed Marko Bela.

As for the ruling coalition protocol, he said that it will be primarily a regulation for the coalition, to establish how decisions are to be taken and the setting of the meetings and on the other hand a protocol containing principles. He promised that shortly UDMR will make public the names of the four candidates and that a possible candidate for Health Minister is senator Cseke Attila from Oradea and Laszlo Borbely for Environment.


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