Sirens hoot in Timisoara 20 years after liberation from communism

Sirens hooted for three minutes on Sunday in Timisoara (north-west of Bucharest), thus marking the 20th anniversary of this city being proclaimed the first communism free city of Romania, the moment when the Romanian Democratic Front was created.

Some of the first Timisoara men who then went to the balcony of the Opera House and kept people united were Lorin Fortuna, Ioan Chis, Petre Petrisor, Claudiu Iordache.
“It would be suitable that the Day of Timisoara should be December 20, not August 3. The impact of the date of December 20 is not only a local one and, moreover, it belongs to the new generation.

The moment of August 3, 1919 [setting up the administration in Romanian] is much too distant. This is the headquarters of the Romanian Democratic Front, which was set up underground. As long as a revolution is not successful. the risk stays with the people who triggered it off. If it is successful, it is the others that are happy. We have fought a bitter battle to make people believe that the Revolution started in Timisoara,” said Lorin Fortuna.

“I came with the column of workers from the industrial platform on Calea Buziasului, When reaching the Opera House Square, where people were chanting slogans against Ceausescu, the Government, PCR [the Romanian Communist Party], I proclaimed myself Romania’s President and went into the building of the Opera House, asking people to take me to the balcony. And I arrived there,” said Ioan Chis.

Florian Mihalcea, president of the Timisoara Society, told that some of the items of the Proclamation in Timisoara were put into practice, but some others still had to wait. This is the case of Item 8 of the Proclamation in Timisoara, one of the most important articles. It subsequently turned into the lustration law, which has never been passed by Parliament. The law bans former communist activists and former Securitate officers as well as those who took part in the suppression of demonstrations from running up in elections on any list.

“This law has been with the Chamber of Deputies for years. The networks of the Securitate have created Mafia type networks, which would like everything to stay the same for them not to be disturbed,” Florian Mihalcea told.


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