Solemn meeting to commemorate Revolution in Parliament

The senators and deputies on Monday, in a solemn meeting, will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1989 Revolution. A number of Romanian and foreign officials and representatives of the revolutionaries’ associations are invited to attend the meeting.

The schedule before this meeting also includes the ruling of Romania’s Constitutional Court on observing the procedure for the organization and development of the November 22 national referendum on switching to a unicameral Parliament and reducing the number of parliamentarians to 300 persons at most and Romania’s President Elect Traian Basescu being sworn in.

On Monday too the senators and deputies will state their opinions on appointing heads of some public institutions. Last year, on December 22, at the beginning of the plenary meeting of the two Parliament chambers, parliamentarians observed a moment of silence in memory of the martyrs of the Romanian Revolution. At that time the senators and deputies stated their opinions about the investment of the Boc Cabinet.

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