UDMR signs cooperation protocol with PD-L

The political cooperation protocol between the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) was signed on Saturday evening. The two groups, most probably on Monday, are to sign the functioning regulations of the coalition, UDMR chairman Bela Marko told on Sunday.

“The functioning regulations regulate the functioning of the coalition and the making of decisions by consensus,” said Marko. He added that there was no more divergence to clarify with the PD-L representatives and “what has been has been solved.”
“The protocol refers to the governing principles, anti-crisis measures, the economic relaunch, the revision of the Constitution, the observance of the pledges made with the IMF, the World Bank and the EU, ensuring an equitable fiscal system by sticking to the 16 percent flat tax,” Hunor Kelemen, UDMR executive chairman, said on that occasion.

He also said that the protocol included “the compulsory minimum tax being reconsidered,” the switch to a multiannual budget, concurrently with the support given to the business environment, decentralization, the financial one included, the reform of education, health, questions connected to more rights being given to the national minorities for preserving their cultural identity as well as Romania’s “economic regions being reconsidered.”

According to the functioning regulations that are to be signed on Monday, the coalition has a council made up of seven persons coming from each group and, in case of emergency, the decisions would be made by the PD-L and UDMR chairmen. On Saturday the PD-L and UDMR leaders also met President Traian Basescu, an occasion on which they voiced wish to speed up the schedule for investing the new Cabinet. so that the Government should be able to start fulfilling its tasks immediately after December 23.


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