Antonescu: Liberals to vote against new Boc gov’t

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Crin Antonescu announced on Monday that the Liberal parliamentarians will take part in the sitting to invest the new cabinet and that they will vote against the government of Prime Minister designate Emil Boc.

‘The PNL and its parliamentarians will vote against this government for multiple reasons, with the most important being that we believe that approving a government with the same premier and many of the ministers who were part of a government that fell in a no-confidence vote is a defiance of the constitutional principles, of what Parliament means.

As we were the initiators of that vote of no-confidence, we are merely consistent by categorically voting against this government’, Antonescu said in the end of a meeting of the party’s Central Political Bureau. He stressed the Liberals, at the new ministers’ hearings in the parliamentary commissions, will vote depending on the heard ministers’ showing or on their previous activity. ‘The political vote is against the No. 4 Boc government’, the Liberal head underscored.

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