Basescu: Creation of favourable premises for Moldova to accede to EU, a new priority

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Monday stated one of his new tenure’s priorities will be the creation of favourable circumstances for the Republic of Moldova to accede to the European Union.

‘I want to underline the latest democratic evolutions in the Republic of Moldova, evolutions that remind me of my believe that it will not last long til all the Romanians will share the same European destiny. The creation of favorable premises for Moldova to accede to the EU will be among the priorities of my new term in office’, Basescu said.

Moreover, the Romanian head of the state spoke about the continuation of the strategic partnerships with the states member of the European Union and not only, which had backed up Romania in promoting its interests.
‘A very significant example is the obtaining by Romania of the portfolio for agriculture and rural development under the European Commission, with France’s support having been decisive in that matter. The same as the strategic partnership with France, the one with the U.S. remains an essential pillar of our foreign affairs.

Our attachment to this partnership with the U.S. is based mainly on our admiration for a country that has defended and it continues to defend and also symbolize democracy. A tight relation with the U.S. brings us stability and security, and also the guarantee that the development of our country cannot be put in danger by foreign forces’, Traian Basescu said.

He also added that among the priorities of his second tenure would be also a more active participation of Romania in the political processes on the EU level, an involvement to correspond to the country’s material and human potential. ‘Romania’s modernization cannot be conceived outside its connection to the major evolutions in the European area.

Our participation together with the European partners in implementing the essential projects of the EU as well as the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon with all the institutional and legislative innovations it’s going to trigger represent processes that achieve the modernization’, the head of the state said.

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