Basescu: I was re-elected for I had assumed modernization of the state project

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Monday stated before the plenary session of the Parliament, after taking oath for his second term in office as the head of the state, that his re-election was the result of his assumption of responsibility for the modernization of the Romanian state.

‘It is time we regard Romania with lucidity, love and trust’, the Romanian leader said, adding that although the effects of the economic downturn would still be felt for some time, it was also the moment for launching new projects. Traian Basescu underlined he assumed the project of modernizing Romania as the top priority of his second term in office as President.

‘The modernization of the Romanian state represents an objective we should all gather around the table to achieve. On November 22, I saw Romanians, regardless of their political orientation, sharing a common desideratum. We need to reconcile around a national project. I am positive we will be able to blend all our energies and skills to achieve this objective.

I want to express my trust the political parties would be able to come to an agreement on this fundamental objective’ the head of the state said. Traian Basescu also voiced hope his experience accumulated during the first tenure will help him not to make the same errors in the future. ‘I believe that the time for coalitions ‘against’ has passed […] Now is time for coalitions ‘for’, so that we may be able to built a better future for the Romanians’, the head of state said.

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