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Basescu: Reform of Constitution cannot be broken down to reform of Parliament

The reform of the Constitutional cannot be broken down to the reform of Parliament, President Traian Basescu told Parliament on Monday.

“All of us observe the principles and values of the Constitution, but we have seen that some institutional mechanisms, meant to put these principles into practice, often risk not working properly. Nobody is the sole owner of correct solutions, an extensive debate and vast majority are needed and I am inviting you to consider these things in an unbiased manner,” the President told the parliamentarians attending the solemn meeting during which he was sworn in.

According to him, the project on Romania’s modernization must lead to winning back mutual confidence and the confidence in every one of us. “This cannot be the project of one single man or of one single party. It must not be the project of the power or of the opposition, of the trade unions or of the employers’ associations, of the people who voted for one candidate or another, it must be the project of building together the common good, of admitting the fact that the values uniting us are more numerous than the ones separating us.

And this is why I am stressing the need to state again the common values, patriotism, people’s freedom and dignity, the freedom of the press, tolerance and equal chances.
Our solidarity can also be expressed in connection with the values that give us value and spiritual unity and, in this respect, I appreciate the importance of the the responsible and united contribution the Romanian Orthodox Church, together with the other churches and denominations, makes to the common good and to the promotion of the values that represent the citizens. Romania can only change if the meaning of change is understood and accepted by the Romanians,” said the President.

The Head of State also emphasize the importance he attaches to foreign and security policy. “I am going to pay special attention to the mechanisms coordinating special institutions of a military and civilian character. It is my duty to guarantee the Romanians’ security in a modern and efficient way in cooperation with our allies in the EU and NATO,” said the President.


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